Chains of Gaia – Book 3 of The Changeling Series

In the previous book, Robin Fellows, the Scion of Arcania, learned the Towers of Air and Water, and obtained their Shards. Robin found a mysterious Fae, who survived the brutality of the Dis, who called himself Jackalope. While obtaining the water shard, the shard broke in half, with Robin having one half, and the Grimm, servant of Eris, Ms. Peryl obtaining the other. In this book, "Chains of Gaia", Robin and his friends lay their hands on another shard– the Shard of Earth. Robin's Aunt went to the village to meet some people who were going to stay at Erlking, and came back with 4 new people– 3 very odd looking sisters and a man. They were to stay at Erlking till Halloween, at Halloween night, 2 redcaps came knocking their door, along with a very bruised Fae, named Hawthorn, who they had met in the first book. My favorite character was Robin, because of how he managed to escape the Hive. The book was very well written, so I have no complains.

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